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Syntha Lorenz is a wild feminine spirit who blends Jungian psychology, Feminism and Shamanism in her work with people. She is passionate about life. She grew up in the Appalachian Mountains with her farmer dad. That part of her always been wild about dance, nature and animals.  She roamed and started living a Bohemian lifestyle for most of her 20s before moving to Northern California where she has lived for the past 20 years, always keeping a connection to Spirit and nature.  She works with people 3 days a week in SF (M-W) and lives in a harmonious manner in the forest 4 days walking with her beloved dog, planting food, dancing and being in ecstatic connection with the Divine. 
Syntha is also a licensed Marriage Family Therapist and Registered Expressive Arts Therapist.  She has established herself professionally in the psychotherapy world for over 15 years.  She has been a devout student of Spirit her entire life.  She also holds a ministry credential and lives in sacred space and ritual.  She loves to co-create sacred space and ritual for others for all sorts of life transitions.  
From Syntha......
I am a Jungian-oriented, Feminist psychotherapist with an Object-Relations base. I believe in the power of therapy and it’s ability to heal wounds. I use the term Shaman with a great deal of respect and consideration.  I have worked with non-traditional healers for over 20 years using alternative healing techniques such as shamanistic journey, dreams, ritual, body awareness, guided imagery, art, authentic movement, and healing touch. I am aware that cultural misappropriation of terms is a further insult to Native cultures.   I use the term with the utmost respect and intent of the indigenous teaching/healing modalities it implies.  I have experience and training in both worlds, traditional and non-traditional.  I have dived deep into the psyche to explore buried material and found the gold in the cast off parts by working through unresolved feelings associated with those memories using both ways. This is where Jungian psychology and Shamanism meet in the Mystery.  I believe in the importance of a therapist first doing her own work.  I hold the belief I can accompany my people only to the depths that I've been to in my own process of healing.  I can promise you that I have gone there! Not only have I gone there, I found that what I fought to avoid for so many years was actually the very thing that held the answer for me through an alchemical process.  I strive to blend the Shaman with the psychotherapist in my work with people treating dis-ease. 
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