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I offer you a challenge.........

Give me a season....bettter yet, GIVE yourself a season!

13 Weeks

You must be REAL!


Look at your past in service of rocking your future!


Go to your deepest place of hurt and fear

I believe in transformation...


I can give you the tools.



Then, it’s up to you.  YOU must take ACTION in your life, believe in yourself and create the life you want and live it with PURPOSE!!  


How does it work?

Well, no therapy is alike truthfully.  Each person has their own particular hard wiring and set of life experiences that makes them who they are in the present as they move through their life journey.  I tell my folks, It’s your life! WAKE UP!! Get REAL!   I ask what do YOU want, not what society tells you.  I have my professional training in psychology and expressive arts therapy and I draw deeply on my own intuitive wisdom and clairsentience.  We explore things in the body and thoughts that stop you from being the star that you are.  What's most important is to find ways to "be" with that which you don't want to be with.  I’m pretty interactive and unconventional in my approaches!  We co-create a plan based on your needs and goals.

 Read what people are saying.......

I highly recommend Syntha.  She is down to earth, warm, caring, fully accepting, open minded, skillful, encouraging, and engaging.  Working with her I have appreciated her focus on helping me get to my goals quickly, and bringing up aspects of my issues that I was not able to see alone.  I have benefited from her feedback greatly, and always felt inspired after our meetings.  Syntha has a great energy :)

I liked Syntha right off the bat, but the best thing I found out in my first session was that she was an adoptee like me. I had never had a therapist who was also an adoptee and she specialized in the subject. Wow, how perfect is that? Especially since, as it turns out, most of my issues have to do with being adopted. Well, I have made a lot of progress and was very lucky that the fit was so good with Syntha. Only 2 of the 7 therapists I have ever been to were gifted. I honestly feel that most therapists are pretty bad practitioners and should find another field. Anyway Syntha has really helped me and she can help you too. 

Syntha is amazing. Cannot recommend her highly enough!
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