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Some thoughts...


I'd like to start with a thank you to all my teachers, seen and unseen.
















 Paul Ingle Byrd, my dad                                          Ruby Roller, lovingly known as Sissy

Both taught me about love.

Moms - Melba, Betty & Hazel

Animal Companions, seen and unseen.


Dr. Lynne Ehlers


Dr. Kate Donohue 

Maria Yraceburu


Kate Jones 


Rev Zoe


Dr. Eric


Mellissa Seaman


Dr. Tina Stromsted




Inner 7  - Ann, Kate, Grace, Linda,

Heather, Inika, Raven.

 Love and Gratitude for all the women in all the circles over all the years -



Most of all, thanks to Jenn Press who designed and built my website.  

Jenn, along with Janine Darwin, 

 and myself co-directed The Marina Counseling Center.   What a lesson in friendship, co-leadership and love.  

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